I saw that catchy phrase proudly displayed on a billboard recently. It obviously got my attention, and I curiously searched to figure out its meaning. It was, of course, about cellular phones!

Well, I feel the same way about our industry. Smaller is better! Our business, the Freight Forwarding business, relies entirely on service. Good service is synonymous with ‘personalized’ service. When was the last time you (as a client) called one of the large Freight Forwarders to inquire about the position of your freight and actually had a human being pick up the phone? What ever happened to having a friendly, knowledgeable sales representative answer your call?

With those intentions in mind, I founded Cargo Tours International in 1998, after well over 20 years in this industry with large forwarders, with two main objectives:

1) To provide a ‘cool’ and comfortable place for my employees to work
2) To have happy employees service happy clients

My idea was simple: Provide supreme service and the customers will come!

Since inception, with the support of all our treasured clients and with the network of offices we have been able to open around the world, my theories have proven to be correct!

With that, I want to give all our cool and happy clients a heartfelt note of gratitude, and we thank you all for making our dream come true!

Joe Delli Carpini
President & founder