Trophy Clearances

What began as a favor for local hunters and taxidermists who were disappointed with dealing with the ‘machines’ that monopolized the trophy clearance business has morphed into a whole new department!

Hunters can travel the world and harvest their most sought out trophies knowing that from the dip and pack facility to their door back home, Cargo Tours has them covered!

We can organize the international transportation for you as well (both by air and by sea), depending on your specific circumstances.     Whether you elect to bring back the hides/horns for your own taxidermist to mount or elect to have your trophies mounted at origin, Cargo Tours will clear all government agencies in our USDA approved warehouse upon entry to the USA.

Some local hunters even choose to come pick up the trophies themselves and share their experiences with the avid outdoorsmen in our office whereas others elect to have us deliver their trophies right to their home (or taxidermist).   Either way, you can rest easy knowing you have someone who understands the ‘value’ in getting your trophies home safe and sound.

Please glance below at how the crates arrive via Ocean Freight Container. The taxidermists/dip and pack facilities do a magnificent job in securing all trophies inside your own personalized crate(s) and once cleared, we organize the delivery as per your instructions.

Happy Hunting!

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